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Illustration featuring six different cookie characters framed within angular heart shapes Graphic: James Bareham/Polygon

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Ranking the Cookie Run: Kingdom characters by how ‘hot’ they are for Valentine’s Day

Fresh out of the oven

Ana Diaz (she/her) is a culture writer at Polygon, covering internet culture, fandom, and video games. Her work has previously appeared at NPR, Wired, and The Verge.

In the world of Cookie Run: Kingdom there is no shortage of sweeties. The free-to-play game, quite literally, is themed around sweet treats. The characters are based on cookies, and many of their designs are based on other desserts, like eclairs, cakes, and more. A huge part of what makes the game fun is unlocking new Cookies, in order to expand your kingdom. Each of them has different skills, which is good for a balanced team when you’re going on runs — plus they each have a unique look based on the kind of sweet they are.

However, these humanoid cookies do more than just inspire cravings. They also, for many fans, inspire thirstiness. Yup, that’s right. Fans think the cookies are hot. (And not just because they’re fresh out of the oven.) Whether it’s sending tweets calling the Tea Knight Cookie a “DILF” and “daddy,” or virtual screaming about videos of Espresso Cookie with his shirt unbuttoned, the Cookies have inspired a lot of fan art with their fun designs.

Polygon asked the developers, Devsisters, about the designs and if they intentionally made the cookies hot. A representative told Polygon that Cookies are designed to look like cookies with human traits, but what the team cares most about is creating Cookies that “people can relate to and love.” What that love looks like, however, is up to fans to decide. So we decided to round up the hottest cookies in celebration of Valentine’s Day this year.

Mint Choco Cookie

mint chocolate chip cookie character from cookie run kingdom. he has mint colored hair is winking at the camera as he plays a violin. Image: Devsisters

I have a gooey soft spot for Mint Choco Cookie. He’s just a dreamboat who is literally winking in his character art. His official character description even reveals that his musical talents and “dashing looks make him a favorite among the Cookies.” Humble in nature, Mint Choco Cookie is the full package, putting him on the top spot on this list.

Espresso Cookie

espresso cookie has big round glasses and is looking down on you. he also had coffee beans circling around him. watch out! Image: Devsisters

Polygon asked the developers who their favorite Cookies were, and they listed Espresso Cookie as being one of their two favorite characters. At one point the Devsisters account posted a full-on thirst trap of him with a loosened tie and unbuttoned shirt. Espresso Cookie is insufferable (but I could never hate him) because he’s cute and knows it. His big glasses and sleepy look are just as hot as his coffee, putting him second on this list.

Frost Queen Cookie

Frost Queen looks down on your with her icy blue eyes. she wields a staff and wears a flowing cloak. she’s stunning. Image: Devsisters

In one sense Frost Queen Cookie is the least “hot” character on this list. She is a literal ice queen in the world of Cookie Run: Kingdom. In fights, she can unleash piercing cold against her enemies. However, I’m obsessed with how much of her personality is conveyed through her design. Despite being a tiny cookie, she is absolutely looking down on you, and wouldn’t hesitate to step on you. Powerful and elusive, she is the third entry on this list.

Almond Cookie

almond cookie looks on with furrowed brows. his long trench coat hangs over him like a cloak. Image: Devsisters

When building your team for battle, you’re going to want to put Almond Cookie in the rear. (That’s because he’s a support character, wink.) I knew about Almond Cookie before I even started playing this game, and for good reason. He’s a dashing detective who is always ready to help his fellow Cookies, no matter how tired he is. His seasoned face only adds to his handsomely grizzled look. That and his rough almond texture earn him the number four spot on this list.

Herb Cookie

Herb cookie holds a potted plant and has cute little butterflies fluttering around him. Image: Devsisters

A kind and gentle soul, Herb Cookie loves to garden. According to his game description he’s, “Warm like the sunshine and fresh like the scent of rain.” With his big eyes and windswept bangs, Herb is a heartthrob through and through, making him my fifth hottest cookie on this list.

Tea Knight Cookie

tea knight cookie fearless swings a halberd. he is wearing full armor that makes his body look a lot larger. Image: Devsisters

Tea Knight Cookie can be your gruff knight in shining armor. Although his face knows more than a few scars from combat, it only adds to his overall look. He’s a giant in the world of the game, and has the most overly buff shoulders of any of the Cookies. He earns the title of “daddy” and because of this, he earns the number six spot on this list.

Sea Fairy Cookie

Sea fairy cookie clutches a jewel-like sword. her dress looks like the a wave in the ocean. Image: Devsisters

The sweetie of the sea, Sea Fairy Cookie is the stunning ruler of the ocean in the Cookie Run: Kingdom universe. She has a really dreamy look as she wears glittering water and wields a jewel-like sword. As a quieter type, she’s charmed me enough to earn her the seventh spot on this list.

Eclair Cookie

eclair cookie has a mischievous look on his face. he had long cream hair and wear a monocle and holds a scroll. Image: Devsisters

Those looking for the intellectual type can take a bite out of Eclair Cookie. He’s a museum curator, who will help enrich your life. He is one of the best-dressed Cookies and pulls off his monocle and feathered hat flawlessly. This pretty boy’s design puts him at the number eight spot of this list.

Latte Cookie

Latte cookie wears a big witch hat and rides a spoon like a magical broomstick. Image: Devsisters

It seems like the developers might have favoritism towards the coffee-based cookies, because all the coffee inspired characters are so cute. Latte Cookie is hot and smart. A professor at the “Parfaedia Institute” she instructs cookies in the delicate art of making coffee. She’s serving hot, milky coffee, and I’m absolutely drinking. She earns the final spot on this list.

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