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Destiny 2: Season of the Lost’s finale paves the way for The Witch Queen

Savathun has set the stage for her big expansion

Savathun looms over a Guardian in The Witch Queen Image: Bungie
Ryan Gilliam (he/him) has worked at Polygon for nearly seven years. He primarily spends his time writing guides for massively popular games like Diablo 4 & Destiny 2.

With just a week to go until Destiny 2’s new Witch Queen expansion, Bungie has launched a new mission in its MMO. The mission — something players have been waiting and watching for for months — is called Exorcism, and sets Savathun’s story in motion.

[Spoiler warning: This post contains spoilers for the Destiny 2: Season of the Lost finale, Exorcism]

Season of the Lost started with a big reveal: Savathun, queen of lies and sister to Oryx the Taken King, had been impersonating the Guardian Osiris for nearly a year. After revealing her identity, she trapped herself in a great cocoon and struck a bargain with the player Guardian, Crow, Saint-14, the Vanguard, and Queen Mara Sov. If they would help her be free of her worm — the Darkness manifested in the hive, which gives them power but will consume them if they stray from their specific path — she would give the real Osiris back to the Tower.

Throughout the first few months of the season, before Bungie’s 30th Anniversary Pack, players helped rescue Techeun witches so that Mara could exorcise Savathun’s worm. After waiting months, the new mission finally appeared on the Director.

Exorcism is a six-player matchmade mission and sends players into the Blind Well, much like the seasonal Astral Alignment. After players align the beacon, Mara teleports them to the recently constructed Dreaming City bridge. After battling Hive across the bridge, players enter Mara’s spire to help with the ritual.

The Techeuns start their magic and Saint-14 pops a Titan Bubble in the middle of the room. Players battle against the Astral Alignment bosses for the final time before facing another champion of Xivu Arath — Oryx and Savathun’s other sister. After taking the champion down, Mara and her brood extract the worm and crack open Savathun’s cocoon. Savathun escapes into the ether, leaving behind the real Osiris.

And that’s where the mission — and Season of the Lost — ends. Osiris is back in the care of his partner, Saint-14; Mara has Savathun’s worm; Uldren/Crow is still off working with Caiatl; and nobody knows when Savathun will return. Well, actually, we know exactly when Savathun is going to pop back up: when Bungie launches Destiny 2: The Witch Queen on Feb. 22.

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