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Halo Infinite Forge mode supposedly leaked in new in-depth video

There’s still no telling when the mode might come out

Halo Infinite 343 Industries/Microsoft Studios
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Halo Infinite is slowly making its way out. First developer 343 Industries released the multiplayer mode, then the campaign, but co-op and Forge, Halo’s creative mode that allows players to make custom maps, are still due sometime in the future. While we don’t know exactly when Forge might arrive, a new video on YouTube purports to have leaked footage of the mode, and it shows off some potential features.

The video was uploaded on Monday to a YouTube channel called “Unseen Halo,” which frequently shows off scrapped or hidden content from Halo games. The footage’s description says it comes from a channel called “Thisistheone” which uploaded several supposed leaks from Halo Infinite several months ago, and nothing else.

The Forge footage itself is fairly tame, but it’s certainly interesting. The user flies around a massive map that’s reminiscent of the open world from Infinite’s single-player campaign — though obviously not quite as big. There’s a massive list of objects that can be placed in the world and manipulated, including props from the game like doors, fences, and building pieces, as well as terrain like rocks.

Of course, since the person in the video is more concerned with showing off features than making anything, it’s a little hard to see just how everything fits together, but it seems like the tool could be powerful with a little practice.

Halo Infinite was originally supposed to launch in 2020, but was delayed over a year until the partial release in 2021. However, in August, 343 announced to fans that co-op and Forge would be delayed for quite some time after the other modes were released. While there’s no timeline at the moment for either mode, during the initial announcement, 343 said that co-op would release with season 2 of the game — which is set to begin in May.

Meanwhile, the team said that Forge was likely to be part of season 3 of the game. It is possible that all of this was announced before 343 decided to make Halo Infinite’s first season longer than normal, but it’s unclear how that might affect plans or releases. In August 2021, 343 said that Forge was likely to come at least six months after the rest of the game.

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