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PlayStation 5 players will finally get to share clips via the PS App

No PlayStation Plus required

Sony PS5 game console and controller on a dark background with swirling multicolored lines Photo: Henry Hargreaves for Polygon | Graphics: James Bareham/Polygon
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PlayStation 5 users will be getting more flexibility in how they can share their game captures, according to an announcement made Wednesday by Sony. The console manufacturer announced that it is “gradually rolling out the ability to share your PS5 game captures through PS App in more regions! Americas are first up, with more countries next month.”

The PS App allows users to scroll through clips, watch them, download them to their mobile devices, and easily post them to social media. It does not require a PlayStation Plus membership to use. Sony clarified in a FAQ following the announcement that “your captures are stored for 14 days on SIE’s cloud servers in order to make them available to you via PlayStation App.”

Game captures allow players to briefly take a snapshot or clip a video from their recent gameplay. This is ideal for sharing great competitive moments where you hit a fantastic string of headshots, or goofy moments in a single-player campaign that you want to share with friends.

Right now, sharing these game captures through the PS App is only available in Canada and Japan. Now that the feature is on the way to more regions, with the Americas next in line, it’ll be easier for players to navigate and share their clips. It’s obviously not mandatory, but it’s a feature that’s certainly nice to have, especially if you just want to share a silly or cool moment from a game without jumping through hoops.

Sony will release details later as to which regions will gain access to this feature next, but it’ll be “gradually rolling out in the Americas” in the near future.

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