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Lost Judgment’s first add-on, Kaito Files, lets you play as the muscle with a ‘primal nose’

First DLC arrives March 28

Yakuza: Lost Judgment - The Kaito Files: Masaharu Kaito grimaces at the camera Image: Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio/Sega
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Lost Judgment, the sequel to Yakuza spinoff Judgment, will get a few new mysteries for fans to solve. A new add-on pack titled The Kaito Files will be available on March 28 across PlayStation and Xbox platforms. Players who own Lost Judgment’s ultimate edition or the season pass will receive the DLC for free; otherwise, it will be available for purchase separately for $29.99.

The titular Kaito is Masaharu Kaito, the trusty sidekick promoted to protagonist. The DLC gives him the spotlight, and he will be able to use his “sensory-based” Primal Focus detective techniques during investigations. Kaito will use his eyes, ears, and nose, literally sniffing out clues to solve mysteries.

Kaito helps out Lost Judgment’s protagonist Takayuki Yagami and is gainfully employed at his detective agency, where he uses his muscle when needed. Since he’s good at throwing his weight around, Kaito has two new “beastly fighting styles to challenge new foes and crack the case with a distinct Kaito swagger.”

The story of The Kaito Files will play out across four chapters, and follows Kaito on a quest to search for an old flame, Mikiko, who has vanished. Along the way, he meets a boy claiming to be their son and uncovers a shady criminal syndicate. From there, Kaito will hunt for clues and collectibles, using Primal Focus to sniff out more information.

Lost Judgment was released Sept. 24, 2021 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. In Polygon’s review of the game, we praised the improved combat and visuals, but found that the sequel to Judgment didn’t quite stick the landing, story-wise. “Lost Judgment succeeds in its emulation of a Japanese legal drama, but it’s a mediocre one that would have benefited from a smaller scope, or at least, a better grasp on what it’s trying to comment on.”

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