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Plant life finds a way in Lawn Mowing Simulator’s new DLC

Jurassic grass, and Lawn Mowing Simulator’s gonna cut it

mowing the entrance to a fictional Dino Safari tourist attraction in Lawn Mowing Simulator Image: Skyhook Games/Curve Games

The top herbivore in Lawn Mowing Simulator’s new Dino Safari DLC isn’t the Triceratops or the Brachiosaurus — they’re all animatronic tourist attractions anyway. It’s the Scag Turf Tiger II, with a bronto-riffic 155 cm side-discharge cutting deck, the largest in the game. And you can trim Skyhook Games’ version of Jurassic Park with it on Xbox Game Pass, right now.

Dino Safari is the latest expansion to the offbeat workplace sim, which in November gave players four ancient British heritage sites to manicure. Dino Safari includes four new locations to mow — the T-Rex Paddocks, Cretaceous Canyon, the Raptor Enclosure, and Herbivore Valley — and adds 12 career contracts to your weekend’s honey-do list. The four “overgrown contracts” sound like the less-dangerous versions of getting invasive Mesozoic-era species back under control.

Lawn Mowing Simulator is available on Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X, as well as Xbox Game Pass. Those who want to buy the game can pick it up for $19.99 from Steam or the Microsoft Store. The DLC is $4.99.

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