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You can migrate your GTA Online character to PS5 and Xbox Series X — but it’s not working for everyone yet

A fix is coming

GTA 5 character running from an explosion Image: Rockstar Games
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Grand Theft Auto 5 and Grand Theft Auto Online is available Tuesday on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X — an enhanced version with new gameplay elements, too. If you’ve already played Grand Theft Auto Online, which you probably have since the game has been out for so long, you can migrate your character over to the new systems.

Unfortunately, it sounds like this isn’t working for all players — particularly those who had already migrated their characters to Windows PC. Rockstar tweeted from its support account to confirm the issue, noting that it’s working on a fix.

“We’re currently working to resolve the issue with GTA Online profile migration for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S where those migrating from PS4 or Xbox One are currently blocked due to previously migrating those accounts to PC, and will update everyone once this is working as intended,” Rockstar tweeted. No estimated time was given for the fix.

The process to migrate your character is simple, if you’re not currently blocked. Once your Social Club is counted to your console, you’ll be able to transfer your character over right on starting the game, Rockstar said in a blog post earlier this month. “This migration includes any Characters, GTA$, Progression, Stats, Vehicles, Properties, Weapons, Clothing, and Player-Created Jobs,” Rockstar wrote.

Story Mode progress can also be transferred, though just once. Rockstar’s got instructions on its early March blog.

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