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Inscryption’s Kaycee’s Mod expansion is coming this week

The expansion is a free addition to the game

The card dealer from Inscryption’s first act Image: Devolver Digital

Polygon’s 2021 Game of the Year is getting some new content. Inscryption’s new Kaycee’s Mod expansion will arrive in the game on March 17, publisher Devolver Digital announced on Tuesday.

Kaycee’s Mod expands the game’s Act I, the deck-builder card game played in a very creepy lodge, and turns it into its own self-contained roguelike. While that’s exactly how the normal game presents itself initially, a few twists take it in a much larger direction. But after seeing the positive response that the section’s card game and atmosphere got, developer Dan Mullins decided to turn that segment into its own mode. The mini-expansion apparently takes place exclusively in Leshy’s cabin, but given the original game, it’s hard not to wonder if it might also hold a few secrets.

For anyone that hasn’t played all of the original game, the name Kaycee may seem like a bit of a mystery. But based on Inscryption’s narrative, Kaycee was a programmer on the in-universe version of Inscryption who discovered that there was a dark secret behind the game. According to the lore, she created a mod of the game to expose these secrets, which could be where this “mod” comes from. But it’s not really clear if those secrets will actually be present here or not.

Kaycee’s Mod will be available for free to anyone that owns Inscryption on Steam. It had previously been available in beta.

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