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Pre-registration for Apex Legends Mobile begins today

Respawn Entertainment is aiming for a full launch this summer

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Following a limited launch in Feb., EA and Respawn Entertainment announced today that pre-registration for Apex Legends Mobile is now available for players worldwide.

Based on the 2019 free-to-play battle royale hero shooter, Apex Legends Mobile has been designed to run exclusively on mobile devices, with streamlined controls and optimized content. Apex Legends Mobile will feature fan-favorite Legends, abilities, and locations alongside new mobile-only maps, gameplay modes, and other unique content for the platform to come.

Character selection screen featuring Mirage, Wraith, and Gibraltar in Apex Legends Mobile. Image: Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players itching to hit the ground floor of the mobile version of the game can pre-register by visiting the official website. In addition to gaining access to the game, players who sign up during this pre-registration period will receive exclusive cosmetic items unlocked via sign up milestones in the months ahead. Players will then be notified of when Apex Legends Mobile will be available to play in their region.

Respawn Entertainment is aiming for a full launch of Apex Legends Mobile this summer.