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Fortnite’s new season removes building, adds Doctor Strange and a new type of shield

Chapter 3 season 2 introduces the game’s biggest change ever

Austen Goslin (he/him) is an entertainment editor. He writes about the latest TV shows and movies, and particularly loves all things horror.

Another Fortnite season has arrived and this one’s bringing one of the game’s biggest ever changes. In Chapter 3 season 2, Epic Games removed building, Fortnite’s signature mechanic. The season started on Sunday morning and is set to last until at least June 3, according to its battle pass website.

While the season’s major change is the removal of building, there are quite a few other changes as well, mostly to help players adjust to the new gameplay. The default movement speed is now higher than it used to be, which means that the sprint speed is higher as well. Players can also now mantle onto high ledges they can’t quite jump to. There’s also new overshield which takes damage before the regular shields and recharges on its own. You can find the full list of changes this season on Epic’s website.

The new season introduces several Marvel characters to the world, like Doctor Strange and Prowler, alongside tanks and resistance fighters from the Fortnite universe. The resistance is on a quest to get restore building to the game, so it’s likely that the feature will return sometime in the near future. Epic also notes in its patch notes that building is still in Fortnite’s competitive modes.

Of course, as with previous seasons there are also new weapon in Chapter 3 season 2, including a the combat SMG and the Striker Burst Rifle, as well as vehicles like the tank and stationary canons. The new season also includes new points of interest around the island.

Fortnite’s previous season was the first of Chapter 3 and the first on the game’s newest map. It featured a variety of super heroes, including several versions of Spider-Man. The season also featured characters like Nathan Drake from the Uncharted movie and games, Zendaya’s MJ, tennis star Naomi Osaka, Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak, and more. While only a few skins and cosmetics have been revealed for this season so far, there are sure to be more partnered skins on the way in the near future.