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The Batman deleted scene reveals the Joker

The Riddler ARG unveiled a new clip of actor Barry Keoghan

The Batman has been out in theaters for a few weeks now, but even after credits rolled, not every mystery was resolved. The movie’s post-credits scene revealed a link to the website, where fans could try to solve the game’s ongoing ARG, and it seems that the case has finally been cracked.

The website was updated on Thursday to reveal three new riddles, along with a deleted scene from the movie that gives us our best look yet at Batman’s most iconic villain.

[Ed. note: This post contains spoilers for The Batman.]

The Batman ends with the Riddler locked away in Arkham Asylum, but he isn’t alone. In the cell right next to him is this universe's version of the Joker, played by Barry Keoghan. In the scene, Joker taunts Riddler a bit, but seems to have a good idea of his schtick and calls himself a friend, implying that they might work together in the future. While the movie leaves it up to us to figure out why the Joker might know about Riddler’s crimes from inside his cell in Arkham, this deleted scene reveals the truth.

As it turns out, Batman paid Joker a visit inside Arkham, in a very Clarice-Hannibal Lecter move. The Caped Crusader asked his nemesis, who he apparently met about a year previous, to decipher some of Riddler’s messages, in hopes of learning something only a fellow psychopath might understand. Of course, all he gets from the Joker is a laugh, a taunt, and a very haunting smile.

We don’t get a good look at the version of the Joker that actually appears in the movie, but this deleted scene shows off far more, and he looks rough. Far more disfigured and scarred than other cinematic versions of the character, this one’s green hair is splotchy and only bits and pieces remain, while scars mark his face, and blood surrounds his smile.

The Batman is currently in theaters. While no sequel has been announced, the movie has made over $600 million in a COVID-recovering box office landscape (compared to Batman Begins’ $358 million in 2005), so a follow-up is likely in the Joker’s cards. But one thing that’s definitely happening? A Penguin TV series starring The Batman costar Colin Farrell.

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