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Vampire Survivors’ future includes 9 new characters, 16 new weapons, and Arcanas

The survival game’s latest patch came with a massive roadmap

Vampire Survivors guide: Combinations and evolution chart Image: Poncle via Polygon
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Vampire Survivors, the popular Castlevania-inspired survival game that gained a lot of traction earlier this year, has some major updates in store. Luca Galante, the game’s developer, posted a detailed development roadmap alongside a blog post after last week’s update to the game. The post highlights what’s coming to Vampire Survivors over the next few weeks and months, leading to what Galante will eventually call version 1.0.

The game will get nine new characters, two more power ups, 16 new weapons, four new relics, five more stages, and a mysterious new feature called “Arcanas,” of which there will be multiple. While the roadmap doesn’t describe exactly what Arcanas are (although it’s coming sometime in April), it does say that it’s just one of two major mechanics coming before the 1.0 release.

While less exciting than new content, Vampire Survivors will also get a major engine upgrade later this summer, with Galante giving an update on how the port process is going. Finally, the much-requested endless mode — the game currently ends at 30 minutes — is also on the roadmap.

Galante has been updating the game on a near-weekly cadence for months now, with new weapons and characters coming every few days. It’s unclear when version 1.0 will hit or if Galante has further plans for the popular survival game past the new roadmap. But Vampire Survivors fans have plenty to be excited about in 2022.

Vampire Survivors is available on Steam for Mac and Windows PC. A free demo version is playable through

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