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Attack on Titan’s original studio is making an anime about a vampire war

Vampire in the Garden is WIT Studio’s next anime

WIT Studio’s latest anime is set in a world ruled by vampires and two characters who want to save it. Vampire in the Garden’s first trailer premiered over the weekend at Japan’s AnimeJapan 2022 convention and gave us our first look at the new series coming to Netflix on May 16.

Vampire in the Garden takes place long after vampires have taken over the human world. The small population of human survivors live inside a town shielded by a wall of light that protects them from the vampires. However, one girl named Momo dreams of living in peace with the vampires. On the other side of the war is the vampire queen, Fine, who once loved humans. A chance encounter with Momo could help reignite that love and save the world.

As you might expect from the studio behind anime like Vinland Saga, the first three seasons of Attack on Titan, and Ranking of Kings, the series’ trailer look absolutely gorgeous.

Vampire in the Garden is an original story, which means we don’t know much about its plot or how it will be released. We know that Netflix will release the whole first season on May 16, but we’re not sure how many episodes that will be, if that season will cover the series’ entire story or if it will come back for more.

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