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Persona 5 is leaving PS5’s PlayStation Plus Collection

Sony warns PlayStation 5 owners of May delisting

Artwork of the cast of Persona 5 Image: Atlus
Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

The last day for PlayStation 5 owners to claim Persona 5, one of 20 games offered in the PlayStation Plus Collection with the console’s launch, is May 11, Sony told players Wednesday. The announcement was part of Sony’s confirmation of April’s PlayStation Plus free games lineup.

To claim Persona 5, PS5 owners can navigate to the PlayStation Plus hub from their console’s dashboard, and then to the PlayStation Plus Collection’s tab. Claiming a game there works like it does with the regular PlayStation Plus free games; simply click the button to add it to your library. Downloading the game is not necessary.

Originally, the group of PlayStation 4 games, announced a couple weeks before the PS5’s launch, was made available to players with no deadline for claiming them.

Persona 5, published by Atlus in 2016, is one of 10 third-party games in the PlayStation Plus Collection. The other 10 come from PlayStation Studios developers. Though the collection requires an active PlayStation Plus subscription, and the games are all backward-compatible PS4 titles, only PlayStation 5 owners can claim them.

Sony Interactive Entertainment announced Tuesday that it was expanding its PlayStation Plus subscription plans, with two new tiers: Extra and Premium. Those higher-priced tiers of PlayStation Plus will offer access to streaming and downloadable games from previous generations of PlayStation consoles, among other perks.