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Final Fantasy 14’s next batch of content comes later this month

The developers also debuted a new trailer showing it off

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Final Fantasy 14 players eagerly awaiting the MMORPG’s next round of content won’t have to wait very long. The game’s 6.1 “Newfound Adventure” patch will be released April 12. Developers shared the release date as well as a trailer showing the new content during a “Letter from the Producer” livestream on Friday.

The update includes new main scenario quests as well as a new raid. Its story picks up from where the previous update, Endwalker, left off, and follows the Scions as they take on a new journey. Friday’s trailer teased some of the bosses players will face throughout the adventure, and showed the cast going on a series of what appeared to be pirate-inspired expeditions for treasure.

Beyond the new story, the update will bring additional support for solo play as well a graphical update further down the line. It also will debut a new residential district called Empyreum, where players can buy homes for their characters.

For the full breakdown of what was announced, check out Final Fantasy 14’s official website.

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