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MythForce, an RPG inspired by ’80s cartoons, is here for latchkey adults

Roguelite stars four magically powered beings with killer hair

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

If you’re a latchkey kid at heart who pines for the old Thundercats, Wheeled Warriors, or Masters of the Universe, you might want to keep an eye on MythForce. The roguelite RPG, inspired by the syndicated cartoons that were a staple of 1980s UHF television, launches on Windows PC in early access on April 20, exclusively from the Epic Games Store.

The game’s trailer (above), and its workin’-for-the-weekend title song (below), pretty much say everything about where Beamdog and Aspyr Media are taking this project. “MythForce is pure, unadulterated fun — right out of the Saturday mornings of my childhood,” Beamdog chief executive Trent Oster said in a statement. “It’s a big departure from the RPG classics we’re known for, but the Beamdog DNA is evident if you know where to look.”

In MythForce, players will explore a procedurally generated dungeon, leveling up their characters and unlocking perks each time they begin the adventure. “In true roguelite fashion, each time players are defeated they have to start over at the beginning,” Beamdog said in a news release. “But every playthrough makes them a little stronger.”

MythForce’s early access launch will include four playable heroes (apparently the ones in the trailer) in a rokken-like-Dökken first episode titled Bastion of the Beastlord. “Players can brave the dungeon alone or join forces with friends in online co-op mode for up to four people,” Beamdog said.

Aspyr Media on Wednesday also announced that it had acquired Beamdog. Tuesday’s news release called MythForce the first original title for the pairing. Aspyr, founded in 1996, has been mainly known for ports and adaptations of earlier works published to other platforms.

Beamdog was founded in 2009 by Oster, one of BioWare’s six founders. The studio is best known for publishing three Baldur’s Gate remakes between 2012 and 2016. It also developed and published Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition in 2018.

MythForce is a feel-good game that speaks to the kid in us,” Oster said. “In early access, we want to collaborate with players who are excited by our wholesome, 80s vision for MythForce, and build up the best game possible. Community will be key to getting us to 1.0.”

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