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League of Legends’ Aurelion Sol is finally getting a rework

The space dragon’s getting a gameplay update

Image - Aurelion Sol, a giant space dragon made of night sky and stars, towers in the sky. Image: Riot Games
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With over 150 champions on the League of Legends roster, it’s no surprise Riot Games has to continually refresh and update older characters. One such champion for a CGU (comprehensive gameplay update) is a big — but welcome — surprise. Riot will be returning to sassy space dragon Aurelion Sol. The announcement was shared in the latest champion roadmap from Riot, which also gives details on other upcoming new releases and reworks.

Riot used to prioritize VGUs (visual and gameplay updates), for which the candidates used to be very obvious. The game’s very oldest models from its launch in 2009 were largely upgraded with new graphics, voice over, ability reworks, lore, and models. Once all the extremely janky, pizza-footed champions were removed from the game and replaced with nice modern versions, Riot started to move on to newer champions that never really found success. Aurelion Sol is an interesting case because many players love his personality and voice over; he’s David Bowie mixed with a narcissistic, all-powerful star forging dragon from the cosmos. However, his gameplay is finicky, demanding precision and keeping his power locked behind a ridiculously high skill ceiling.

As the road map post notes,

Tons of you really loved and wanted to play a gigantic, arrogant star dragon. Unfortunately, we didn’t really deliver on a gameplay kit that matched that excitement, as most of you dropped him after just a few games. His playrate plummeted to one of the lowest in the game, where he has been ever since. That said, he still comes up in the top ten most liked visuals whenever we do champion surveys, even though his gameplay always ends up near the very bottom of the list. We’ve tried some small tweaks to ASol, but when we discussed what we should do to help him out, we came to the consensus that we should just start his gameplay over from scratch.

The champion roadmap also shares details on Skarner, the crystal scorpion who used to slumber beneath the desert sands of Shurima, and an update on a Void Empress champion who demands your total submission. Riot also shared details on an oyster-loving brawler champion in Bilgewater and a high skill top lane tank who also hails from Shurima. Aurelion Sol’s rework is currently planned for some time at the end of the year.

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