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Sea of Thieves’ next adventure stars the game’s rarest shark

The Shrouded Deep has us summon the shrouded ghost

Sea of Thieves - An unaware ship floats over a mysterious sea beast Image: Rare/Microsoft
Cass Marshall is a news writer focusing on gaming and culture coverage, taking a particular interest in the human stories of the wild world of online games.

With Rare’s new update structure, Sea of Thieves players can log on and experience limited-time Adventures out in the world. These small scale updates offer bites of narrative content for players to explore — like a mysterious fog encompassing the Golden Sands Outpost, or a daring raid to save its inhabitants from stone forts raised from the sea. When one Adventure leaves, another one comes to take its place in the world. The next Adventure has players summon the legendary Shrouded Ghost megalodon in search of a powerful artifact.

Rare released a short cinematic teaser for the Shrouded Deep, in which long-time character and star of the game’s first expansion Merrick mutters ominously about artifacts, the worlds between, and the albino shrouded ghost shark. Merrick is interrupted when Belle, our ghost ally from previous Adventures, shows up on a newly restored ship: the Killer Whale. Long time Sea of Thieves players will know the Killer Whale as a shipwreck Merrick once sailed that serves as a prominent underwater landmark.

The Adventure will be available from April 21 through May 12. These Adventures are limited-time, and run alongside a traditional battle pass-style season. Adventures are largely narrative, which means a player can follow along with the overarching story when they’re playing. So far, we’ve seen Spanish ghosts and spectral pirate friends, so it’s intriguing to think about what could be next.