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D&D Campaign Cases will help you return to the table with all the tokens you can carry

Preorder these creature tokens and maps (and nifty carrying cases) for in-person gaming

Packaging for the Creatures Campaign Case Image: Wizards of the Coast
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As it slowly becomes safer to move your weekly game of Dungeons & Dragons away from the computer and back to the table, virtual tools like Roll20 will continue to be an option. But it’s also time for DMs to start thinking about physical maps and miniatures once again. Luckily, in an announcement at today’s D&D Direct event, Wizards of the Coast has you covered.

A product image showing illustrated stickers, several sizes of plastic tokens, and the carrying case for the Creature Campaign Case.
The contents of the Creature Campaign Case.
Image: Wizards of the Coast

Feast your eyes on Campaign Cases. These two kits give you everything you need to lay out two-dimensional maps and environments. The Creatures Case includes 64 customizable tokens in three sizes (and four colors) with a nice mix of what look like one, two, and three inch tokens to represent D&D’s small, medium, and large creatures. The case comes with 159 illustrated and reusable cling stickers in sizes to match and cover a wide range of creatures from kobolds to umber hulks to dragons.

Product image showing a foldable map, double-sided and interlocking map tiles, stickers, and the carrying case for the Terrain Campaign Case.
The contents of the Terrain Campaign Case.
Image: Wizards of the Coast

The Terrain Case has 30 interlocking tiles, along with a larger foldable map that looks to be about 22 by 18 inches or so. The double-sided tiles and map show a grassy terrain on one side and an snowy terrain on the reverse. The Terrain Case comes with the same type of reusable cling stickers as the Creature Case, representing things like campfires, trees, and gigantic bird nests. The announcement didn’t mention if the map and tiles would be dry erase friendly.

Both cases come in a ready-to-travel keepsake box with compartments for the various components and a handle on top. No pricing was mentioned during the presentation, but Campaign Cases will release on July 19. Preorders kick off today.

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