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Splatoon 3 splats on Switch in September

It’s a squid kid September

Nintendo announced Friday that Splatoon 3 will be arriving to splatter ink all over the Nintendo Switch this summer on Sept. 9.

The launch date comes alongside an extended look at Splatoon 3’s 4v4 Turf War multiplayer mode on one of the game’s new maps, Eeltail Alley. Like the previous Splatoon games, it’s a wonderfully messy take on competitive third-person shooters, where the goal isn’t merely firing paint at the opposing team, but covering the map in your team’s color.

In addition to multiplayer, Splatoon 3 also includes Salmon Run, Splatoon’s version of cooperative Horde modes, and a single-player campaign where players will “join Agent 3 in a fight against the unruly Octarians and discover the secrets of a mysterious place called Alterna and the Fuzzy Ooze.”

To tide folks over Nintendo is also making Splatoon 2’s Octo Expansion DLC available to Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack subscribers starting today, which brings 80 additional missions to the 2017 game.

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