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Sykkuno explained why he left Twitch for YouTube

He talked more about his move to YouTube in his first exclusive stream

a still from streamer sykkuno’s twitch stream. it’s a video of his face layered of a green graphic. Image: Sykkuno/YouTube
Ana Diaz (she/her) is a culture writer at Polygon, covering internet culture, fandom, and video games. Her work has previously appeared at NPR, Wired, and The Verge.

Sykkuno, a streamer known for his work with groups like OfflineTV and streamers like Valkyrae, announced his move from Twitch to YouTube on Monday. The popular streamer was one of platform’s top creators with over four million followers, and was the 28th highest earning streamer on Twitch as of October 2021. In his first YouTube exclusive stream on Monday night, the creator talked more about what led him to leave Twitch. Sykkuno said that he felt Twitch didn’t “appreciate” him and revealed that an employee at Twitch misspelled his on-stream name in an official email.

On the stream, Sykkuno shared a screenshot of an email he received from Twitch. The email’s subject line read: Twitch x Sukkuno Agreement.

“I’m supposed to be the 28th highest earning creator on the platform — the 45th most followed of all time on the platform — and they called me ‘Sukkuno’ on an official email,” he said. “I mean, maybe I have too big of an ego or something, but I was shocked.”

Sykkuno said that going to YouTube wasn’t the obvious choice and that it was “very, very difficult” decision. He had grown his audience on Twitch and it’s where he met other peers and friends like Ludwig Ahgren. Additionally, the difference between both Twitch and YouTube’s deals weren’t all that far apart. YouTube wasn’t offering him loads more money, but the offer had better hours — though Sykkuno said that wasn’t a huge draw for him. In the end, Sykkuno said he went with YouTube because the company, “gave me the better offer. And they spelled my name right, that was a big plus.”

Polygon reached out to Twitch for comment on the news. A representative of the company said, “We don’t comment on individual creators/cases out of respect for the privacy of everyone involved.”

Sykkuno is a variety streamer with a soft-spoken and shy persona. He got his start streaming on the OfflineTV Minecraft server and has since grown to become one of the most recognized names in content creation. Sykkuno now regularly collaborates with other popular streamers like CorpseHusband, Ludwig, and even played Among Us with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.).

“I didn’t feel that appreciated there, guys. They couldn’t even spell my name right. So I started thinking, I’m about to take [the YouTube] deal.” Earlier in the stream, he also mentioned not being invited to Twitch Rivals — barring two exceptions when his friends ran the event — and not feeling valued, despite his streams being friendly to all ages and good for advertisers. Sykkuno said, “I was willing to work harder for less money because I thought I liked Twitch that much, but they couldn’t even spell my name right.”

You can view the full stream and Sykkuno’s future streams on his YouTube channel.