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Clever puzzle-platformer ElecHead is coming to Switch

The PC game is making the jump to console this summer

Michael McWhertor is a journalist with more than 17 years of experience covering video games, technology, movies, TV, and entertainment.

Indie developer Nama Takahashi’s simple, clever, and brilliant puzzle-platformer ElecHead is coming to Nintendo Switch this summer, the developer announced during Wednesday’s Indie World showcase. ElecHead was released on PC this past October, to glowing praise from the creators of the developers behind VVVVVV, Celeste, Spelunky, Downwell, and others.

ElecHead stars Elec, a tiny robot who can electrify platforms, activate switches, and power machines just by touching them. Elec can also throw his head around, helping him reach and charge up far away objects. But there’s a catch: Elec will short circuit and explode if his body isn’t reunited with his head within 10 seconds. Players must also avoid deadly spikes, fireballs, and other booby traps. Just watch the trailer; it’s great.

With shades of Mega Man, BoxBoy, Decap Attack, and other beloved 2D platformers, ElecHead might just be the small-dose puzzle platformer you need to spark up your summer.

If you can’t wait, and ElecHead has escaped your awareness until now, the Windows PC version is available through Steam and