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Let It Die sequel DeathVerse will get an open beta test in May

Rip and tear into enemy players and cryptids with an array of buzzsaws, machetes, and katanas

Key art for DeathVerse: Let It Die featuring host Bryan Zemeckis, former DeathVerse Champion Queen B, and the game’s logo. Image: GungHo Online Entertainment
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Publisher GungHo Online Entertainment and developer Supertrick Games announced today that they will host the first limited-time open beta for DeathVerse: Let It Die, the multiplayer survival action game follow-up to 2016’s Let It Die, on May 28.

PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 players will be able to pre-download the DeathVerse beta from the PlayStation Store starting Wednesday. The beta will be available to players in multiple regions and languages.

Set hundreds of years after the events of Let It Die, DeathVerse: Let It Die will have players compete as a contestant in a 16-player survival battle arena within the universe of a smash-hit reality TV contest known as Death Jamboree. Players will be able to wield a personalized robotic companion named Wilson against other players and computer-controlled enemies, transforming their Wilson into one of five different weapon types including machetes, buzzsaws, and katanas.

DeathVerse: Let It Die introduces some intriguing twists on the battle royale genre, introducing reactive battlefields with regions that become hazardous to players’ health and debuff the effectiveness of their attacks; deadly NPC opponents such as Cryptids and Hunters (think Left 4 Dead’s Special Infected) that roam the arena attacking players on sight; and materials that can be used to modify your abilities to boost your chances for survival.

Players that defeat their enemies, be they other players or Cryptids, in an especially flashy way will gain Glory Points that can increase attack power. Glory points can also be collected from Killing Brands, which are dropped when a Hunter kills a competitor. Watch out though — if you’re not careful, you might run risk of being killed yourself.

DeathVerse: Let It Die’s open beta is scheduled to begin on May 28 and run from 1-7 pm PDT, with a second open beta set to launch on June 5, and run from 1-6 am PDT.

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