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Anya punched her bully in Spy x Family and set the internet on fire

As if we couldn’t love her enough already

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It’s no secret that Anya Forger is the undisputed starlet of Spy x Family. The charming new comedy and action series follows the Forgers, and from the outside, they look like any other family. But in reality, they each have their own secret: The daughter, Anya Forger, is a telepath who can read minds; the mother, Yor Forger, is an assassin; and the father, Loid Forger, is a spy. In the latest episode, Anya punches her elementary school bully — and the moment has inspired a wave of hilarious memes and fan art that make light of the moment.

[Ed note: This post has spoilers for the latest episode of Spy x Family.]

In Spy x Family, Loid is on a top-secret mission called Operation Strix. He must establish contact with the chairman of a national political party, Donovan Desmond, in order to maintain peace between the neighboring nations of Westalis and Ostania. In Loid’s plan, he creates a fake family and adopts Anya to send her to the ultra-elite Eden Academy in an effort to get closer to the Desmond family, who has close ties with the school.

In the latest episode, “The Friendship Scheme,” Anya finally has her first day of school. The spunky young girl has plenty to go up against; before attending this elite school she lived in a run-down orphanage. Nervous to attend school, Anya asks her combat-savvy mother to teach her how to fight. Meanwhile, the mission appears to be going according to plan, since Loid secretly arranges for Anya to be put into the same class as Damian Desmond, the son of his target. However, not far into the first day of school, Damian and his goons bully Anya and call her a peasant for not coming from a super-rich family.

At first, Anya holds back. But after they throw a crumpled piece of paper at her in the hall and Damian says he’s going to bully her every day, Anya lands a top-tier punch strong enough to make Saitama proud.

She really knows how to throw a punch, and people are absolutely living for it, making memes that riff on the moment from the latest episode as well as Anya and Damian’s relationship. Just an edited clip of the show has been viewed over four million times on TikTok. The edit shows a piece of crumpled paper hitting Anya, and then her punching Damian.

Anya’s expressions alone carry the show. And on this episode, she debuted her “heh” face, which inspired loads of fan art.

Here, Damian and Anya are both drawn like the woman yelling at a cat meme.

This one is a reference to an old meme that makes a joke about a WikiHow article, “How to Increase Your Social Status at School,” and just shows Anya doing an assertive T-pose over Damian.

There are a lot of people shipping the two, and for that I say: If you’re curious, read the manga, which is available digitally on the Shōnen Jump app.

People have also drawn art of the two aged up, although that’s not part of the show.

If you want to see more of Anya and Damian, there are six episodes out now on Crunchyroll from the anime’s debut season. New episodes land each Saturday.