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Surprise! You can now watch an episode of the new Love, Death & Robots season for free

Better yet, it’s the sequel to ‘Three Robots’

On a good day, most of us are lucky to get just a little bit of love and robots in our life. On a great day, we’re able to watch a free episode of Love, Death & Robots on the internet. Well congrats, folks; Netflix has released a single episode of season 3 on its YouTube channel for free.

Even better, it’s the first direct sequel in Love, Death & Robots history. “Three Robots: Exit Strategies” follows the events of “Three Robots,” a season 1 episode where the three titular robots go sightseeing around a post-apocalyptic city. “Exit Strategies” brings that same trio back on another whirlwind tour of studying post-apocalyptic human survival strategies “before mankind was finally snuffed out,” according to the press release.

The episode is written by sci-fi novelist John Scalzi (best known for the Old Man’s War series, Redshirts, and the original “Three Robots”).

And it features a host of the exciting voice actors coming to the Love, Death & Robots world. Though fans will have to wait until Friday to watch the rest of volume 3 of the anthology show, the clever delights of “Exit Strategy” are at least a little something to make us all feel a little loved (and maybe deathed, and maybe even roboted) in the meantime.

The nine new episodes of Love, Death & Robots volume 3 drop on Netflix on May 20. You can watch the new episode on Youtube or at the top of the page.

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