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Rainbow Six Siege is getting a Yakuza crossover this season

Turn Echo in Kiryu in the next Rainbow Six Siege update

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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 Season 2 is headed to live servers soon, and comes with the usual host of goodies players have come to expect from Ubisoft’s tactical shooter. But this season also has something much stranger are far groovier than the average Rainbow Six update: a crossover with Sega’s Yakuza games.

If you’ve ever played as the Operator Echo and thought, “I sure love this character, but I wish I had the style of an early 2000s yakuza,” you’re in luck. Echo will get an exclusive bundle that visually transforms him into the star of Yakuza 0-6, Kiryu Kazuma. The Operator Hibana will also get a Yakuza bundle, turning her into Kaoru Sayama.

A Rainbow Six Siege tease shows Echo as Goro Majima from Yakuza Image: Ubisoft Montreal

Ubisoft revealed a third, more mysterious bundle, also for Echo, which will turn him into another iconic Yakuza character — the tease suggests Goro Majima, occasional enemy and ally to Kiryu. The studio didn’t give prices or release dates for these skin bundles, but they’ll appear in the in-game store over the course of the next season.

As far as the normal season is concerned, players will get a new Team Deathmatch map, a Reputation System upgrade, and a Belgian Operator named Sens, who is able to block player’s sight with a wall of light. As usual, there are a host of gameplay changes as well. For a full breakdown of the next season, players can check out Ubisoft’s reveal stream.

Ubisoft will launch Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 Season 2 on June 7.

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