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Fruits Basket: Prelude will hit theaters in America this summer

Watch the first trailer, as the story of Tohru Honda’s parents unfolds

Crunchyroll has released a new trailer for Fruits Basket: Prelude, a prequel movie based on the popular romance anime of the same name. The trailer teases the rebellious, tormented life of gang member Kyoko Honda, and her subsequent romance with Katsuya Honda. In addition to releasing a new trailer, Crunchyroll announced that both the subbed and dubbed versions of the film will play in select movie theaters in the United States on June 25, 28, and 29.

The movie takes place before the events of the television series and portrays the romance between Tohru Honda’s parents, Kyoko Honda and Katsuya Honda, before their untimely deaths. The trailer shows the embattled Kyoko and her fraught involvement with a biker gang. We see her act out in anger, but then she meets Katsuya and the pair clutch hands in a dewy, romantic beach scene.

Yoshihide Ibata, who directed the latest television reboot of Fruits Basket, is returning to direct the film, with animation assistance provided by TMS Entertainment and 8PAN. The leading roles of Kyoko and Katsuya will be played by Miyuki Sawashiro and Yoshimasa Hosoya for the Japanese-language version, and Lydia Mackay and J. Michael Tatum for the English dub, respectively.

Fruits Basket is a popular romance anime based on the shoujo manga by Natsuki Takaya. It follows endearing high-school student Tohru Honda, as she tries to free the Sohma family from a curse that transforms them into animals if they’re hugged by a member of the opposite sex. While the main series is a beloved touchstone of the shojo genre, the story of the movie is controversial with fans because it depicts a romantic relationship between Kyoko and her teacher, Katsuya.

If you’d like to catch the story on the big screen, tickets are scheduled to go on sale Friday, June 3. Meanwhile, the full anime series is available to stream on Crunchyroll now.

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