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World of Warcraft finally adds much-demanded undead elf options

Void Elves, Blood Elves, and Night Elves can all join the fun

Sylvanas Windrunner stands in Lordaeron. Image: Blizzard Entertainment

Dark Rangers appeared in Warcraft 3 as fallen rangers of the elven kingdom of Silvermoon. These pallid, red-eyed elves largely defected to join Sylvanas Windrunner and the Forsaken, and they’ve been a part of the lore ever since. Dark Rangers have been appearing in World of Warcraft for years, and even with Sylvanas’ story fully wrapped up, many of them are still a part of the Horde. They’re also one of the most popular requests for hero classes and character customization — World of Warcraft fans really like elves, and there are few elves cooler than Dark Rangers. Now in Patch 9.2.5, players can finally make a Dark Ranger of their own.

A new quest added in 9.2.5 called Return to Lordaeron centers around the Forsaken returning to their capital city, which was bombed and plagued at the start of Battle for Azeroth. Once players complete this quest, they unlock red eyes and rotted skin. Completing another quest, Path of the Dark Ranger, unlocks the Dark Ranger outfit.

The customization is somewhat limited — the red eyes have to be linked to a Dark Ranger skin tone, and there’s not a lot of variety there, but it’s nice to see a long-time fan demand get answered out of the blue. Fans can also be a Dark Ranger on every class, or wear Dark Ranger gear on any Hunter character. Patch 9.2.5 includes cross-faction grouping between the Horde and Alliance, as well as a few other epilogues wrapping up Shadowlands plot threads.

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