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Eternights is part-dating sim, part-hack-and-slash

Eternights is Studio Sai’s debut game

Nicole Carpenter is a senior reporter specializing in investigative features about labor issues in the game industry, as well as the business and culture of games.

The trailer for Eternights starts with a severed arm spewing blood before it transforms into a glowing blade. You may not have guessed that Eternights is a dating simulator, but that’s a core premise of the game, paired with violent hack-and-slash gameplay. It looks awesome, and I am ready to find love while fighting through an apocalypse.

The debut game from Studio Sai is expected out on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Windows PC in 2023.

In a PlayStation Blog post following the State of Play broadcast, Studio Sai founder Jae Yoo shared more information about the game. The main premise is scavenging for supplies, fighting through dungeons, and going on dates. So, who are you fighting? Humans who have been turned into monsters that love violence and power. You can’t date those humans, but you can date other survivors.

“When you’re not exploring dungeons, you can choose to spend time growing closer to a cast of five quirky and loveable characters,” Yoo wrote. “As you explore their stories and grow closer to them, you also unlock unique skills and spells you can use in battle.”

Part of that means figuring out a schedule that works for you, balancing dating and fighting in challenging ways. Here’s how Yoo describes it:

There are deadlines for you to beat the dungeons and it is important for you to manage your time wisely. Will you grow closer to your confidant in order to deepen your relationship and unlock new skills? Will you scavenge the wasteland for supplies? Will you grow stronger by training with your companions? Or will you ignore all of that and go to the dungeon the first chance you get? It’s up to you, but remember, the clock is ticking.