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Queer Games Bundle raising money for queer devs with 500-game bundle

500 games in support of 400 developers

A group of seniors hug in Later Daters Image: Bloom Digital Media

After raising more than $112,000 in 2021, the Queer Games Bundle is back in 2022 to fundraise for queer independent game developers. The bundle spans games, soundtracks, books, and tools — but it’s mostly games. There’s everything from dating sims and visual novels to action titles and puzzles.

Money raised throughout the month will go directly to game developers who have contributed projects to the bundle, save some developers that are opting out of that pool to increase revenue for others, a Queer Games Bundle organizer said in an email to Polygon.

“Our goal is a future in which there are no more starving indie developers,” the organizer said. “Where corporations don’t rule our brains pumping out endless sequels but instead we have a vibrant games community that produces countless works. To get there we need developers to gain experience and make many games and that can only happen with time and a livable income.”

The bundle is available for purchase for $60, but there’s also an option to pay what you can, which starts at $10.

With hundreds of games, there’s plenty to keep you busy for a while. I haven’t played even close to all these games, but if you’re looking for a place to start, there are a few I’ve played and can recommend: A Mortician’s Tale, one of Polygon’s best games of 2017; Later Daters, an elderly dating simulator; and A Normal Lost Phone, a mystery game contained in a digital smartphone. There are plenty others that I’m eager to try, too, like co-open, a game about grocery shopping as a kid; Crossroads, “a game at the intersection of grief and hope”; and Running Back to You, about an MMORPG’s last night before shutdown.

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