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Elden Ring player defies the gods, beats Mimic Tear without attacking

The player shared a video of the feat on Reddit

Artwork of the Mimic Tear Ash from Elden Ring Image: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco via Polygon

Players keep finding new stunts to pull off in the high-difficulty action game, Elden Ring. This time, a player beat the Mimic Tear boss fight without hitting it once. Reddit user Going_Loki posted a video of the feat on Reddit on Tuesday.

The Mimic Tear fight is a mini boss that you fight before getting the Mimic Tear summon ashes. The special summon allows you to sacrifice health to call forth a duplicate of your character. The boss fight copies the concept of the summon, and has you fight a doppelgänger of your character. It’s a tough boss fight and a strong summon since you essentially fight yourself. (Polygon has a guide on how to get the Mimic Tear Ashes.)

To pull off the feat, Going_Loki joins the fight with the Bloody Slash skill equipped on their weapon, then unequips it. The Mimic Tear continues to use it which then it depletes its own health. You can view the full video below, but it involves a whole lot of rolling.

This is far from the first incredible stunt players have pulled off in the high-difficulty action game. From the time FromSoftware released the game in February, players have pushed the world record for fastest completion of the game from under an hour to under nine minutes.

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