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Netflix’s Inside Job will return for part 2 later this year

The adult animated comedy premiered last October

Netflix’s Inside Job is coming back for part 2. The show’s next part of the series was announced on Wednesday during Netflix’s Geeked week presentation where a new clip showed exactly what Cognito is like with Randy Ridley in charge — and just how hard Reagan is taking things. Inside Job’s second part will premiere sometime later this year.

Inside Job comes from former Gravity Falls alum Shion Takeuchi, who left the all-ages space for something a bit more crass. The adult animated comedy takes place in a world where all conspiracy theories are true and follows Cognito Inc., a company that works for the secretive shadow government and helps to control the world from behind-the-scenes.

Misanthropic Reagen (voiced by Lizzy Kaplan) is a brilliant scientist who wants to rise in the ranks of Cognito Inc. But because she’s so antisocial, she must team up with the incredibly generic, yet incredibly charming Brett Hand (Clark Duke) in order to pursue her career goals. Their team is made up of a sentient mushroom from inside Hollow Earth (Brett Gelman); a supersoldier, who is a dolphin-man hybrid after some horrific experiments (John DiMaggio); a drug-addicted drug manufacturer (Bobby Lee); and a public relations officer whose job is to fabricate fake news (Tisha Campbell). Throughout the first season, the team embarked on some eclectic adventures — and eventually uncovered a mole on their team.

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