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Honkai: Star Rail teases palatial spaceships in new trailer

Hoyoverse showed more of its sci-fi world

There’s a whole lot lot going on in space these days. Hoyoverse teased a new look at its upcoming sci-fi adventure, Honkai: Star Rail, at Summer Game Fest on Thursday.

Honkai: Star Rail is a new sci-fi open-world adventure from the makers of Genshin Impact. The game follows the story of a protagonist who has embarked on an interstellar trip aboard the Astral Express. The game features turn-based fighting where you assemble a team of unique fighters, each with their own unique combat abilities. It is latest entry to the Honkai series, but is intended to appeal to old and new players.

The new trailer showed teased more of its intergalactic mission filled with dramatic sword attacks, lasers big enough to endanger entire planets, and a space train. It also showed a new dreamy new white-haired character who offers the you wine in his voice line and welcomes you aboard his palatial spaceship.

Honkai: Star Rail is currently being developed for mobile devices and Windows PC. Honkai: Star Rail has no release window. The developers recently announced the ending of its second closed Beta on June 15. Hoyoverse also showed a new trailer for another recently announced game Zenless Zone Zero at Summer Games Fest as well.

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