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Zenless Zone Zero is a wild ‘urban action game’ from the developers of Genshin Impact

A vast conspiracy awaits

Zenless Zone Zero is the latest project from Genshin Impact developer miHoYo’s subsidiary, Hoyoverse. The lavish cinematic trailer was revealed during the Summer Game Fest livestream event.

Presenter Geoff Keighley kicked off the trailer with a touch of analysis, saying that ZZZ offers “the detail of Genshin Impact with a fast-paced action style.” The “futuristic urban action game” as he called it takes place in a city called New Eridu where a vast conspiracy of some sort is running amok. According to the official website, players will “live dual identities” and serve as “Proxies” operating in “a warped reality.” The mercenary lifestyle requires players to explore dungeons, called Hollows, with a squad of other players.

The final game will include many different — and likely highly collectible — playable factions. The first to be revealed is called Gentle House, also known as Cunning Hares, comprised of Anby Demara, Nicole Damara, and the cyborg Billy Kid. The trailer itself showed other, as yet unnamed characters in action, taking on heavily-armed soldiers and giant robots in close-quarters melee battle. The most striking design was a tall, lithe fox-man with jet engines for calves.

No platforms or release dates were announced, but a newsletter sign-up is available.

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