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Outriders’ Worldslayer expansion introduces a new type of endgame content

Introducing the Trial of Tarya Gratar

A pair of Outriders prepare for battle while standing on an icy mountain Image: People Can Fly/Square Enix

Outriders’ first expansion, Worldslayer, will make some significant changes to the looter-shooter by adding new difficulties, upgrade tables, and more. But beyond player abilities and powers, Worldslayer will introduce a new kind of endgame activity when it launches on June 30: the Trial of Tarya Gratar.

In a livestream on June 10, People Can Fly revealed the Trial of Tarya Gratar — essentially a massive dungeon — where players will spend most of their endgame time. After the Worldslayer campaign, Outriders can dive into the Trial of Tarya Gratar to face an ever-changing group of enemies.

By pushing deeper and deeper into the dungeon (without dying too many times), Outriders will earn new gear to improve their characters. However, the enemies won’t make it easy for them, and adversary levels will increase the deeper players delve and the more bosses they defeat. But the Trial will be worth it, offering the perfect avenue for players to grab the expansion’s best loot.

More than just a boss run, the Trial of Tarya Gratar also has areas called Troves where players can wander off the beaten path and take on a group of optional enemies. These Troves are difficult, but each offers a specific type of loot drop — one Trove might drop helmets, while another drops chest armor. This gives players a (risky) way to target loot for the first time in Outriders.

Like all the content in Outriders, players can jump into the Trial of Tarya Gratar in a group or solo. Either way, they’ll all start the Trial at a new base camp, which includes all the usual vendors.

The rest of the livestream showed off some new endgame loot, as well as an explosive Pyromancer build. Each class will get powerful new items to play around with in Worldslayer, and several old Outriders sets will get an upgrade to stay viable over the course of the new expansion’s lifespan.

Outriders was a surprisingly good time in 2021, but Worldslayer will tell whether the franchise can go from good to great.

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