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Junker Queen is Overwatch 2’s newest hero

Teased in Overwatch for years, the queen is finally coming

The Junker Queen aims her shotgun in a heroic pose from Overwatch 2 Image: Blizzard Entertainment
Michael McWhertor is a journalist with more than 17 years of experience covering video games, technology, movies, TV, and entertainment.

A new, highly anticipated hero is coming to Overwatch: Blizzard Entertainment revealed Sunday that the Junker Queen will be Overwatch 2’s newest playable character when the hero-based shooter launches this October.

In a new trailer for Overwatch 2, we got to see Junker Queen, a tank-class character, in action. She wields a shotgun as her primary weapon, but can also pull out a large, two-handed ax for a close-range melee attack. The trailer also appears to show off two of her abilities: a dash attack that spins multiple axes around her, and Junker Queen recalling a thrown ax using what appears to be a magnetic glove.

Junker Queen’s design appears to line up with previous teases for the character seen in posters in Overwatch’s Junkertown map and in Wrecking Ball’s origin story video. She sports a mohawk, Mad Max-inspired sartorial choices, and a visible distaste for Omnics. Her armor includes multiple faceplates and a salvaged arm from dead Omnics.

Junker Queen dashes in a screenshot from Overwatch 2 Image: Blizzard Entertainment

According to Overwatch lore, Junker Queen is the ruler of Junkertown, a refuge set in destroyed robotics manufacturing facility in the Australian Outback. Junker Queen also oversees the Scrapyard, a gladiatorial arena where Junkertown residents fight for glory and survival. It’s where Wrecking Ball found his purpose after escaping from the Horizon Lunar Colony on Earth’s moon.

Junker Queen will be Overwatch’s 34th confirmed hero, following Sojourn, who was revealed back in 2019 and will be playable when Overwatch 2 is released this fall. Overwatch 2 is coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X, and will be free to play.

Blizzard says it plans to reveal more about Overwatch 2 — and likely more about Junker Queen — during a stream on June 16.

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