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Fortnite’s new Grapple Gloves will let you swing around the island

Swing from structure to structure

The Fortnite Grapple Glove on a yellow background Image: Epic Games

Fortnite is getting a new item, the Grapple Glove, which allows players to latch on to structures and fling towards them. Along with the Grapple Glove, Epic Games dropped some patch notes, tweaking some of the guns.

The official Fortnite blog reads, “To begin swinging, shoot its grappling hook at a hard surface like a cliff, prop, or building. Each successive swing gets faster until the third swing and beyond, when you’ll be at max speed.” The glove may work similarly to Ballers, which were just unvaulted with the Chapter 3 season 3 update.

You’ll also be able to grapple items to bring them to you, so that out-of-reach gun just became in-reach. The blog goes on to note that Grapple Gloves can be found in “Grapple Glove Toolboxes” located at “Grapple Stops” littered around the island, so make sure to grab one to swing around.

Alongside the addition of the Grapple Glove, Epic Games is tweaking some of the guns. You can see the notes for those changes below.

Two-Shot Shotgun

● Increased the pellet damage, minimum pellet count, accuracy, and max damage cap of the Two-Shot Shotgun.

Hammer Assault Rifle

● Reduced the recoil of the Hammer Assault Rifle.

Combat SMG

● Reduced the damage of the Combat SMG.

Striker Burst Rifle

● Increased the first-bullet recoil of the Striker Burst Rifle.

● Reduced the damage of the Striker Burst Rifle.

For full context and Grapple Glove explanation, you can check out Epic Games’ Fortnite blog post.

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