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We get crafty in Clay-O-Rama, a messy, hands-on tabletop RPG

Put away the bug spray; it’s time for some indoor fun at Camp Overboard!

Welcome to Camp Overboard, a special three-part series of Overboard episodes focused on spooky campfires, crafty creations, and even some outdoor fun. It’s raining here at Camp Overboard today, and you know what that means: canoeing is canceled, and it’s time for arts and crafts! We’re playing Clay-O-Rama, a Dungeons & Dragons supplement from 1987.

In this very hands-on role-playing game, the players construct whimsical figures out of clay, then name them and decide their stats. Do they have lots of magic and items? Heavy duty armor? What special attack will they make use of? Lots of arms mean lots of attacks, and lots of legs mean a lot of movement speed — but they have a limited amount of clay, so they have to choose wisely!

Once the constructs have been brought to life, they’re sent on a harrowing journey through intense (and equally crafty) challenges. They must retrieve the wizard’s lost ring, while suffering the slings and arrows of the outrageous GM. They’re hot on the red, gooey trail of the creature that took the ring, but will they be able to defeat it and complete their mission?

Watch this episode of Camp Overboard to see who makes it out alive ... and who is crushed beneath the fist of fate!

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