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Last Friday brings Friday the 13th vibes to Camp Overboard

Gather round the campfire for a spooky tale of B-movie horror!

Clayton Ashley , senior video editor, has been producing and editing videos for Polygon since 2016. He is the lead producer of the tabletop gaming series Overboard.

Night has fallen at Camp Overboard, and we’ve lit the camp fire. Come gather round for a spooky tale of Camp Overboard’s LAST FRIDAY (imagine a wolf howling and some other scary forest noises).

In this episode, we’re playing the hidden movement game Last Friday. This genre of board games, which includes Scotland Yard and Letters from Whitechapel, pits a group of players against a cunning villain who’s capable of moving across a vast game board (mostly) undetected.

Last Friday is inspired by classic horror movies like Friday the 13th, and takes place at a haunted summer camp. The game is played across four chapters, with the campers aiming to survive the villain’s killing sprees at night, while the serial killer aims to kill all the campers and then flee before daybreak.

A close up image of the board from the board game Last Friday, showing trails with white dots, number dots, and campground things like cabins and forests between them.
The board has white dots for the campers to move between while the maniac secretly moves from number spots to numbered spot.

The board is crisscrossed with trails that intersect and merge, with white dots for the players to move across, and numbered spots, set further apart, for the serial killer to move between. This allows the villain to move faster and sometimes leapfrog the campers, murdering them in the process. To keep track of their hidden movements, the maniac records the numbers they move between on a piece of paper hidden behind a screen.

The campers may not even see the Jason-alike coming, because the killer only reports their movements to the campers every three turns. During the chapters that take place at night, the villain doesn’t even report their current location, but their position three turns previous. By the time you realize the killer is nearby, it might already be too late!

But the campers aren’t defenseless. Whenever the serial killer reveals their location, they drop a clue token, which can be claimed by a camper brave enough to approach it (or it can be claimed in a later, less risky chapter). These clue tokens give players tools like lanterns, which can reveal the villain in certain locations, or a bear trap, which can temporarily block off the serial killer’s route.

If the campers can hold on long enough, one of them will be revealed as the predestined, with the power to finish off the murderer for good. Check out our Let’s Play to find out who survives the night, and who will remain at Camp Overboard... forever!

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