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Into the Breach is getting a big update, coming to mobile thanks to Netflix

And a physical version on Switch

Into the Breach art - a mech and its pilot look over the wreckage of an Earth city before stepping back through the temporal breach to attempt to save it again Image: Subset Games

Strategy game Into the Breach is expanding in all sorts of ways, developer Subset Games announced on Thursday. First in the form of a literal expansion — an Advanced Edition of the game is coming July 19, which will add new missions, new weapons, a new difficulty mode, seven new languages, and plenty of additional features as a free update for all current platforms.

Second, Into the Breach is headed to iOS and Android through a partnership with Netflix, so Netflix subscribers will be able to download the game as part of their subscription. Subset Games says it will be the same game that exists on other platforms, apart from a redesigned interface, and that it will not include ads or in-app purchases and will include the Advanced Edition content. This version is also coming on July 19.

Lastly, the team announced that Into the Breach will be getting a physical version for Nintendo Switch through a partnership with Fangamer, with that version will be arriving later in the year.

Ranking number seven on our best games of 2018 list, Into the Breach has long been a favorite of many on the Polygon staff. “Both in style and execution, Into the Breach has a lot in common with the Advance Wars series,” Cass Marshall wrote back in 2018. “But it goes a step beyond its puzzle/strategy game contemporary by incorporating a brilliant time-traveling mechanic.”

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