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Valve’s Portal collection gets surprise launch on Nintendo Switch

Two more downloads, Little Noah: Scion of Paradise and a Live A Live demo, are also out today

Portal 2 screenshot Image: Valve Corporation
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Valve’s Portal and Portal 2 are now on Nintendo Switch. The Portal Companion Collection was announced in February, and during a Nintendo Direct event on Tuesday, Nintendo revealed that the compilation is now available from the Switch eShop.

Along with both Portal games, Nintendo also released a new demo for Square Enix’s Live A Live remake and revealed that Little Noah: Scion of Paradise will launch today as well.

The original Portal was released by developer Valve in 2007 as part of The Orange Box, a collection with several other games including Half-Life 2 and Team Fortress 2. Portal 2 was released a few years later in 2011. Both games will maintain their features from their original releases, including Portal 2’s co-op gameplay, an entirely separate story mode staring two robots.

Nintendo and Square Enix also released a new demo for the Live A Live remake during the Nintendo Direct presentation as well. The demo features three time periods: Imperial China, Edo Japan, and the distant future. All of the progress in the demo will carry over to the release of the full remake on July 22.

Cygames also released Little Noah: Scion of Paradise, a 2D action game, today. This appears to be side-scrolling game that fits into the Little Noah universe, which has had a couple of games before.

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