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Co-op game Blanc is the cutest thing you’ll see all morning


A new hand-drawn game from Gearbox Publishing and Casus Ludi will melt your heart.

Blanc follows a wee little wolf cub and a tiny fawn, separated from their families after a snowstorm. The unlikely friends must work together to get home, each of them with different strengths and weaknesses. For instance, the fawn can jump higher, but the wolf can squeeze into smaller places. And, oh my God, my heart is melting from the cuteness overload in just the first trailer. Look at them snuggle up together on a cold winter night! AHHHHH!

Rendered entirely in black and white, this hand-drawn game is also entirely text-free. Blanc is designed to be played collaboratively, either through local or online play, and to be an all-ages experience with a heart-warming story and simple controls. Also, have I mentioned how dang cute it looks?

Blanc launches in February 2023 on Nintendo Switch and on the Epic and Steam stores.

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