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Stranger Things creators making live-action Death Note series for Netflix

The Duffers have a new production company called Upside Down Pictures

L from Death Note looks into the camera Image: Madhouse
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The Duffer brothers, the creators behind Stranger Things, have started a new production company, Upside Down Pictures, and are already working on a handful of new projects at Netflix, Deadline reported on Wednesday. Among the most notable projects is a live-action adaptation of the popular anime Death Note, a Stranger Things spinoff, and a Stephen King adaptation.

This is the second time Netflix has tried its hand at a live-action version of Death Note, with the previous attempt being a fairly loosely adapted movie version released in 2017. While details on the Duffers’ version of the series are scant, it’s clear that the new Death Note series will be completely separate from Netflix’s previous take on the story. Also unclear is what the Duffers’ role will be on the production outside of their new company helping to develop it.

In addition to Death Note, Upside Down Pictures is also developing a live-action Stranger Things spinoff. The story for the spinoff comes directly from the Duffers, but it’s not clear if they’ll directly create and run the series, or if their role will be more limited this time around.

The studio will also work on an adaptation of Stephen King and and Peter Straub’s The Talisman, a novel from 1984. The series will be developed by the Duffers along with Stranger Things co-executive producer and writer Curtis Gwinn, along with Paramount Television and Amblin Entertainment. The team will also produce a new Stranger Things stage play and an original series from creators Jeffrey Addiss and Will Matthews (Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance).

Deadline’s report also notes that, despite all of these plans, the Duffer brothers are currently focused on wrapping up Stranger Things with season 5, that series’ final installment.

This continues Netflix’s ongoing trend of adapting anime into live-action series. Most recently, the streaming service released the poorly received (and quickly canceled) live-action Cowboy Bebop series. Next up, Netflix will deliver on a live-action version of One Piece that we’ve only seen a little bit of so far.

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