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Bowser is getting his own massive $269.99 Lego set

King Koopa’s set contains a whopping 2,807 pieces

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The Mighty Bowser Lego set sits on a table, looking menacing Image: Lego/Nintendo
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Bowser, Mario’s longtime frenemy and the Mushroom Kingdom's handsomest antagonist, is getting a massive Lego set later this year.

Lego will release “The Mighty Bowser” set on Oct. 1, and it’ll run builders $269.99. But like most expensive Lego sets, this Bowser build comes with 2,807 pieces, so it’s going to take a while to put together.

While this giant Bowser set may look like it’s just a model for adult builders — much like the giant NES set — the lizard king is a bit more interactive. Hidden on his shell are special buttons, which allow builders to move and pose Bowser. The shell also contains a special trigger that opens Bowser’s mouth. When held down long enough, the trigger will also cause Bowser to spit a fireball, which should elicit an all-too-familiar feeling for Mario fans.

In addition to his various poses, this giant Bowser also interacts with the Lego Mario, Lego Luigi, and Lego Peach figures. There’s a special POW block hidden in his platform, and Bowser can knock over his towers to add to the immersion. But unlike these Lego Mario toys (which are cute, but don’t look great on a shelf), The Mighty Bowser serves a dual function; he is both a toy and an impressive model for a shelf in some 30-year-old’s home office.

While this isn’t the first time Bowser has shown up in a Mario-themed Lego set — he features heavily in the aforementioned Lego Mario builds and has his own secret compartment in the Question Mark Block set — it’s certainly his biggest appearance yet. Now Lego just needs to release a giant Mario to throw this Bowser around, or at least a really big kart for The Mighty Bowser to sit in.

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