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Vampire Survivors gets final boss in new patch

The 0.8 patch adds the game’s conclusion and a new mechanic

A hero stands among a group of bats in Vampire Survivors Image: Poncle via Polygon
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Vampire Survivors, the $2.99 roguelite that’s taken Steam by storm, is inching closer to being content complete. And with its new 0.8 patch, the game finally has an end boss to challenge longtime players.

Players will face the villain in a new version of Stage 5 (also known as Cappella Magna), and once they defeat the foe, Stage 5 will revert to a simpler version on subsequent playthroughs.

This patch also adds two new Relics to the game. The first is the Great Gospel, which unlocks a Limit Break. The second is a bestiary, which doesn’t have any in-game implications, but will let players take a more detailed look at certain enemies.

As usual, there are new Arcanas and some graphic tweaks in this patch, as well as some quality of life improvements. Most notably, players will be able to automate the leveling up process once they’ve earned all of the upgrades possible in a level — meaning the game will automatically choose chicken or coin bags for them.

While this patch does add the game’s final boss, this is not the end of new Vampire Survivors content or the 1.0 release. According to an updated roadmap, there is one more challenge stage as well as two more weapons, five more Arcana cards, and an unknown number of achievements coming before the game’s official release.

Patch 0.8 is out now for Steam users, and is coming soon for Game Pass players.

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