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Skull and Bones launch date confirmed for 2022

Ubisoft’s open-world pirate sim arrives Nov. 8 for PlayStation, PC, and Xbox

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Skull and Bones, Ubisoft’s ambitious — and oft-delayed — open-world pirate adventure, will launch on Nov. 8 for Amazon Luna, Google Stadia, PlayStation 5, Windows PC (exclusively to the Epic Games Store), and Xbox Series X, Ubisoft confirmed on Thursday. Ubisoft Singapore, the studio behind the five-year-old project, followed the announcement with a livestream introduction to Skull and Bones’ world and gameplay (above).

Set in the Indian Ocean, on a map stretching from the east coast of Africa to Malaysia, Skull and Bones puts players in the role of a pirate captain seeking to make a name for themselves. Starting with a tiny ship and a spear, they’ll quickly work their way up to commanding larger vessels and crews, managing the ongoing threat of mutiny and finding enough food and plunder to placate everyone.

Skull and Bones was first announced at E3 2017, and in 2018 Ubisoft marked it for a 2019 release. It was then delayed to 2020, and again past that after the COVID-19 pandemic set in. Skull and Bones was recently rated by the ESRB, and shortly after Twitter users in some reasons spied a Nov. 8 launch date for the game on Xbox’s marketplace.

Ubisoft Singapore developers said the entirety of Skull and Bones is playable solo, but they’ve built the game with online PvE and PvP multiplayer in mind. Players will encounter one another in “pirate dens,” hub worlds where they can repair and outfit their ships, find partners on the high seas, and take on missions that increase their “Infamy,” a form of XP progression.

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