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How to beat the final boss and unlock the Great Gospel in Vampire Survivors

Here’s how you can level up your items past their maximum

A Vampire Survivors hero battles the game’s final boss Image: Poncle via Polygon

Vampire Survivors finally has an ending — or at least a final boss. Added in patch 0.8, the game now features a special edition of Cappella Magna (Stage 5) for first-time completions. Beating this version will unlock the more casual (and familiar if you played the stage prior to July 7, 2022) version of Cappella Magna, a new Arcana, and the Great Gospel relic.

In this Vampire Survivors guide, we’ll teach you how to take on the final boss and what to do with the new Relic once you get it.

How to reach and beat the final boss

A hero in Vampire Survivors beats the final boss Image: Poncle via Polygon

Cappella Magna is the fifth and final stage for Vampire Survivors, and it’s one of the hardest.

The difficulty is primarily due to all the different reapers that chase you around throughout the level. These can range from generally obnoxious, like the green and purple reapers, to progress-blocking, like the blue reaper. The best way to deal with these reapers is to walk into a Rosary — which will kill them instantly — as soon as you see them. There are several Rosaries scattered around Cappella Magna, so give your map a look if one of the reapers shows up.

Once you survive to 30 minutes, most of the enemies will despawn as usual. However, instead of you being rushed by a reaper, the environment will start to change. Eventually, all the different kinds or reapers will appear and merge into a single foe.

This reaper amalgamation is very slow, but it has some attacks you need to avoid. The game will paint red lines on the floor, denoting where large hordes of monsters will appear and damage you. All you need to do to win this boss fight is damage the boss while dodging the red areas. If you’re struggling not to get hit, try picking up a Laurel to give yourself a shield.

Once you’ve done enough damage, the boss will explode and a gray reaper will come in and kill you, ending your run. You may have gotten a game over, but congratulations, you’ve finally beaten Vampire Survivors!

Getting and using the Great Gospel

A hero in Vampire Survivors upgrades their items past their natural levels with Great Gospel Image: Poncle via Polygon

Your reward for finishing Vampire Survivors is one of the coolest upgrades the team has ever added: the Great Gospel. You’ll also earn the bizarre Game Killer Arcana, which halts your ability to level but turns XP gems into projectiles and causes chests to give three items.

The Great Gospel is a new relic, and the last one coming to the game before its 1.0 release. It drops from the final boss, and it allows you to upgrade your weapons past their usual max level. Note that you’ll need to toggle this Relic on — like Arcanas — in the character menu before you start your run.

So how does this work, practically speaking? Once you level up all the items in your inventory, you’ll start getting Great Gospel upgrades instead of 25 bonus coins or health. These upgrades are normally percentage increases to stats for a specific weapon, so you might get an area or speed increase for the Fire Wand or Hellfire. Or you might get an additional projectile with the Axe or Death Spiral.

These increases are pretty potent, and the visible ones (like speed or area) make a noticeable difference after just a few upgrades. The best part is that you can choose from a group of three or four, like the normal shop, or let the game pick randomly for you. You can even make that random setting permanent, so you can focus on crushing with your new, uber-powerful items instead of leveling up over and over again.

With the Great Gospel, your character’s powers are truly limitless. If you’ve been putting off taking on the game’s biggest challenges, like surviving the Bone Zone, now is the perfect time to test your mettle.

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