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You’ll soon be able to sync your Wordle stats across devices

The option is coming to all users and cannot be reversed

A photo of an iPhone displaying a Wordle puzzle solution from the past, “HARRY” Photo: Polygon
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Wordle, the wildly popular word game that first launched back in 2021, has seen quite a few changes since it was acquired by the New York Times back in January. The official New York Times Games Twitter announced on Tuesday the latest update coming to the game soon: the ability to link your Wordle states across multiple devices through their New York Times account.

The ability to sync Wordle stats through one’s New York Times account is a major quality of life update for players looking to maintain their streak regardless of where they play the game. Several players reported their streaks being reset to zero following Wordle’s move to the New York Times website, with some players seeing the return of their streaks shortly after the transition. This update would, in theory, prevent such a disruption from happening again.

It’s not yet known exactly how “soon” the update will go into effect for all current users, but this new update is encouraging news all the same. A follow-up tweet from the account states that the option is being rolled out across the userbase incrementally and that once stats are linked to a user’s New York Times account, the process cannot be reversed.

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