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The Rings of Power trailer gives us our best look yet at the Lord of the Rings prequel

Amazon’s series arrives in September

Austen Goslin (he/him) is an entertainment editor. He writes about the latest TV shows and movies, and particularly loves all things horror.

Amazon’s Lord of the Rings spinoff series now has its longest and most in-depth trailer. The new trailer, which was released on Thursday, gets into details about the show’s plot, and gives us glimpses of the some of the series’ biggest characters. The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power is set to premiere on Amazon Prime Video on Sept. 2.

The trailer still doesn’t dive too far into the series’ story, but it does let us know that it involves Galadriel’s (Morfydd Clark) attempt to stop a great evil, which some believe is no longer a threat. We also know that the series will cover Middle-earth’s Second Age, a time long before the events of The Lord of the Rings, when Sauron rose to power and the peoples of Middle-earth had to rise to defeat him.

The trailer includes a few other characters from the show as well, including Sadoc Burrows (Lenny Henry), High King Gil-galad (Benjamin Walker), and Arondir (Ismael Cruz Cordova), who all seem like they’ll play important roles in the series.

The series has had a long buildup to its first trailer, with two different teaser trailers: One very short video that was posted on YouTube, and another that debuted only on Amazon Prime before making it to YouTube a few days later.

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