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Warframe sends players down a time-loop rabbit hole in its next expansions

Here’s what’s new for Warframe at TennoCon

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TennoCon is a celebration of all things Warframe, where developer Digital Extremes shows off new content coming to the sci-fi game. At this weekend’s TennoCon, fans got a glimpse at two major updates, as well as a sneak peek at an upcoming Warframe and the reveal of a new, upgraded take on an existing Warframe in Khora Prime.

The first update is a surprise: It’s called Veilbreaker and will bring back a fan-favorite character. Kahl-175 is a Grineer lancer who showed up as a playable character during the climatic quest The New War, aiding in the war against the Sentients. Veilbreaker has Khal take the role of a revolutionary, waging war against the mysterious Narmer and their brainwashed thralls. There will also be a weekly quest where the player can tackle The New War’s Archons alongside Kahl’s campaign.

The second expansion is one that was originally revealed back in TennoCon 2019: The Duviri Paradox. The expansion is designed so that new players can play it before The New War, but veterans will play it after that quest — it works out fine either way. The Duviri Paradox is the first major arc after Warframe resolved the major arc of the Tenno and their relationship to the enigmatic Lotus. It feels like a new age for Warframe, and Duviri isn’t like anything we’ve seen in the game yet.

The Drifter is the star of the Duviri Paradox. Fans find out more about the Drifter, a character from The New War, in this surreal, otherworldly expansion. TennoCon’s demo starts with the Drifter caught in a Groundhog Day-style loop where he’s endlessly executed by the forces of the tyrant Dominus Thrax. He eventually escapes, finds a steed, and begins to explore this world full of things both strangely familiar and completely alien.

Warframe creative director Rebecca Ford described The Duviri Paradox as “a welcomed departure” for developer Digital Extremes. “It’s completely different from anything we’ve ever designed in Warframe from gameplay style to color palette and underlying themes...” Ford said in a news release, hinting that colors are “a very important thematic element in this expansion” and its narrative.

The Duviri Paradox will launch on all platforms for Warframe this winter.

Digital Extremes also revealed two new Warframes. The first is Styanax, a Spartan-inspired frontline warrior wielding a shield and spear. The second Warframe is designed by Joe Madureira, which incorporates lycan themes. Madureira is the founder of Airship Syndicate, which Digital Extremes has partnered with to create a new online fantasy game called Soulframe.

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